About Optimize Myself!

Welcome to my corner of the web!  My name is JJ and I’m here to offer my wisdom in a variety of interests including:
  • Hourly Diary: my time management app for Android which pings you for an update every hour to get an accurate sense of your use of time during your waking hours.
  • Personal Finance and Investing: how to get the most out of the money you’ve worked so hard to earn.
  • Technology: how to put technology to use to simplify your life and/or save money.
  • Life Hacks: DIY tricks that increase productivity and efficiency in everyday life.


Although I hold advanced degrees in both Engineering and Finance, I consider myself an autodidact, a lifelong learner.  I read a variety of books on a regular basis and consume a large number of blogs which have shaped my way of thinking over the years including: